Friday, 9 September 2011

Wanted dead or alive # 9 : Cash Money Gorilla by Juvenile

This blog's 11 regular readers should be familiar with Juvenile & B.G.'s 187 and the story of how it was a song from the advance cassette of 400 Degreez that somehow ended up on DJ Skribble's 2nd Traffic Jams album by now. The internet tells me there was another track from that tape by the name of Cash Money Gorilla which was conspicuous by its absence from the retail tracklisting of the album and still remains lost in promo-purgatory to this day.

First thought: OMG unheard 1998 Juve and Mannie! Second though: let's try and find this shit! YouTube offers a solitary mention of the song in the comment section of 187 alongside the info that a slightly different version of U.T.P also featured on this mythical tape. Google is the exact opposite with hundreds of mentions of the song since pretty much every press blurb for 400 Degreez strewn across sites like Amazon, CD Universe, Best Buy, Yahoo etc appears to be the one for the O.G advance tracklist album with Cash Money Gorilla and 187 on it.

Someone like Y.N probably has hundreds of old promo tapes under his bed, so one of you Connected For Life bloggaz need to convince him to rip it and then upload it online. You know you're gagging to hear this as much as I am, and it'll be the first time Y.N has made himself useful on the internet since 2006.


scjoha said...

Good info, never heard about Cash Money Gorilla before. Title promises something bananas. Joohvee!
It's a bit frustrating how each and every unreleased Lord Finesse and O.C. track, instrumental, freestyle, blip and blurp is unearthed and neatly packed on 12“ (not that I'm complaining, as long as they find their way to the web), whereas something like a scrapped 400 Degreez album track rottens in a dark vault somewhere. If that was a Jay-Z or Nas track you can bet it would have appeared a long time ago. I'm wondering where the Southern (and Bay Arean) equivalents to all those nineties NYC mixtapes are, that often contained unreleased material. Was this a strictly New York phenomenon? If not, who are the Doo Wop, Clue, Flex, Kay Slay equivalents of the nineties in NO, ATL, MIA, and Mmphis? Maybe they are forgotten, with DJ Screw as the lone exception, due to his unique mixing style. O.K., I'm off topic now.

The Great Gats, B said...

We need a southern answer to J-Love circa the early noughties when he was collating all the rare/unreleased moments by Slick Rick, Rakim, Nas, Mobb Deep etc to release on mixtapes.

Preferably this southern answer to J-Love wouldn't be a fat ginger saltine who honks and hoots all over his own mixtapes of these rare gems.

done said...

I read somewhere J-Loves Peurto Rican, which would explain his amnesty from n-bombing.

Then again almost every white rapper of note has said it and never been V-Nasty-ed, so who knows.

The Great Gats, B said...

Mick Hucknall from Simply Red is the only ginger allowed to drop n-bombs because Brand Nubian sampled Holding Back The Years.

done said...

Yup, especially since it was Supreme Allah who produced it.

Anonymous said...

I know it's an old post, but I heard it before a while back! It's a synthesizer heavy mid-tempo track sounding a bit similar to "livin in the projects" and "flossin season". I submitted the lyrics to OHHLA and they said they can't verify the existence of the song lol. All I remember is end he goes "cash money gorilla la la I'm a killa la la". R.I.P. this Juve song.

Si Mane Price said...

Damn :(