Friday, 14 December 2012

More rapist defending of Das Racist by SPIN; possible racism too

Did all y'all catch Julienne Shepherd accusing Will Staley of vague misogyny on Twitter last week after he casually asked what Das Racist's hypeman who dates a music magazine editor is going to do now his group have split up? Looks like this is the payback for 30 odd years of sexism in Rap music, folks : a female critic who puts up with a sleazebag rapist boyfriend in order to further her journalism career complaining that anyone who dares to point out Das Racist owed their entire success to her and her SPIN street team jabronies is on a par with domestic abuser Justin Lee Collins.

Never fear, though, lads, cads, bounders, love-rats and Rap Game Sid The Sexists, because Grip Plyaz has returned to restore the misogyny levels in Rap music with an amazing new song which reduces the women in his life to only being memorable by their hips and arses over a beat which goes duu-duu-duu-duu and dee-dee-dee-dee-dee :

"Shawdy superbad with a stupid frame
ass off the chain
y'know, wasaname?"

Grip Plyaz - Wasaname
(From Purp, Wind & Fire album; 2012)

More importantly, have all y'all noticed SPIN scribes like Brendan Sodemberg and Charles Aaron deriding Mystikal as an "unrepentant shithead", an "awful person", and "a mentally unstable, criminally violent, and desperately fucked-up individual" at the same damn time as they pen heartfelt eulogies to Das Racist, which not only gloss over the rape allegations towards them but also paint them as a trio of misunderstood swell guys?

Your humble author right chea wouldn't dare suggest that there's an undercurrent of mild racism present in SPIN's coverage of Rap music, but according to Soderberg and Aaron a black rapist who's paid his debt to society for taking part in a rape = vilest person since Hitler, while their slightly more exotically ethnic rapist buddies in Das Racist who are yet to be convicted on sexual assault charges = salt of the earth dudes who wouldn't hurt a fly.


Anonymous said...

That is pretty odd how they feel the need to stress how Mystikal is a bad person but don't say shit about Das Racist.

RMH said...

Vague misogy

Richard Tre Mane said...

That's the one. ***** ***** linked me to it.

Selena O said...

Julienne Shepherd gives all women journalists a bad name.

H.L. said...

"...over a beat which goes duu-duu-duu-duu and dee-dee-dee-dee-dee..."

Scary how accurate this description is.

Anonymous said...

haha i remember some white rap scribe (soderberg i think?) recommended this site to jawnita on twitter because she complained about rap writing not being funny. she was unimpressed and he replied, "yeah, it's british humour" lmfaooooooo

Richard Tre Mane said...

Unpopular opinion # 4087 : Saturday Night Live has never scaled the same comedic heights as The Two Ronnies.

James said...

SPIN has been responsible for the worst rap coverage of the past couple of years bar none.

P said...


Richard Tre Mane said...

Man, Brandon Sales is posting pix of himself posing with a Nintendo-glove wearing Djibril Cissé, and you're still talking about that weed-carrier Brendan Soderberg?

RMH said...

Das Racist-gate be the final nail in Spin's coffin:

Following the September/October issue, SPIN has halted publication of our print edition to invest more deeply in our digital properties, including, SPIN Play for iPad, and SPIN mobile. SPIN has been a pioneer in music journalism since 1985 and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our leading editorial, photographic, and multi-media content online. Special arrangements have been made with alternative publishers to fulfill your SPIN print subscription for the remaining term: you will automatically receive your new magazine in the mail, with the option to ask for a full refund. We appreciate your patience during the transition of your subscription.