Monday, 5 October 2015

Hat tip to Hot Box

Runway Richy ft. Big Gipp - How You Feeling
(From ForeignMerican mixtape; 2015)

Miss me with your Big K.R.I.T comparisons; to moi, this shit sounds the Witchdoctor song I've been waitin' on him to release as the follow-up to his lost 2009 YouTube-only single Rich & Poor. It ain't gonna change the world, but it just made my world feel a whole lot happier on a wet monday morning. Silly cat, wore Sperry Topsiders in the rain.


GGGGG said...

Never noticed how Gipp looks like Luda before.

L.A said...

Random white dude dancing in the "Rich And Poor" video is lol

hotbox said...

i got it 4 cheap from crimedawgbylaw:

Si Mane Price said...

That Tumblr has a Lil' Chris post on its first page so it gets my seal of approval.

Anonymous said...

always thought gipp looked like tim blake nelson