Sunday, 2 April 2017


Anyone else been checking those Goons Of The Industry videos about some of the legendary career criminals lurking behind the scenes in the 90s rap business? These started popping up on YouTube a couple of months ago, and they're basically F.E.D.S Magazine in video form. Essential viewing for all rap gossip-hounds, so sez ya host Dead Perez:

The score used in these videos is akin to the Mastermind theme as composed by Gustav Holst. 1:31 to 2:04 is what it sounds like when planets collide:

Kevin MacLeod - Black Vortex
(From Action Cuts album; 2014)


Smell Rell said...

Death Row one is insane!!

Andrew Barber said...

the score on these is so hilarious and dramatic....

like these could totally be condensed to 2:20...but for dramatic effect they push it to a clean 10 minutes lol

step one said...

This is relevant to my interests. Cheers.

Si Mane Price said...

If I ever become a multimillionaire I want that shit played every time I enter a room.

Well, that or It Ain't Easy by Purple City.