Friday, 7 July 2017

Big bunda babe in Manchester

Shout out to Arthur Lee, we in this bitch!

It's time to stop arsing about with J Hus remixes of Unforgettable and French Montana remixes of Did You See, and just Soke it to the summer by releasing Good Time as a single already. Shit's the song Mandem Anthem should have been, and, like Lean & Bop and Did You See, it's another killer example of how roadrapafrobeats can go pop without having stars & stripes in its eyes.

J Hus ft. Burna Boy - Good Time
(From Common Sense album; 2017)

This was the song ya host correctly identified as "some proper naughty LL Cool J Hus Afro-Bashment" when I caught it performed live before Common Sense dropped. Damn it feels good when a song lives up to its live debut performance.


Dank said...

Plottin would make a good single too

Si Mane Price said...

If Good Time is allowed to slip through the cracks and not become a song you hear playing in tanning salons on UK high streets then fuck this country.

(Not Tommy Robinson's chain of tanning salons in Luton, obv.)

Anonymous said...

This song wasn't on my version of the album.

Si Mane Price said...


Anonymous said...

My mistake. Somehow didn't import everything onto my iTunes playlist. Old man tech problems.

Anonymous said...

been hearing some hus out on the roads. best album of 2k17 by far. in a time when many british mcs fall into the trap (pun intended) of punching it in over boring, done to death american aesthetics (yeah i'm looking at you skepta) my man hus just let his charisma and heritage shine through. also mighty thankful drake has not discovered him yet.

Si Mane Price said...

Drake remix of Sweet Cheeks would be the worst thing ever 😨