Sunday, 2 July 2017

It's a Don Bradman t'ing

"No doubt about it, hon', I hit from here to China
When I drop that D minor watch me soggy ya vagina"

Grand Puba ft. Kid - A Little Of This
(From 2000 album; 1995)

Very much underrated in the pantheon of Summer Jams™, A Little Of This was "that nu-wave BBQ music, bitch!" long before Where Do I Go. Betcha this is Puba's own favorite single from his catalogue since he got to floss it up somewhere in The Hamptons on Elektra Records' dime for the video with DJ Alamo & Stud Doogie. Ina da wudz, ona da jetskiz, ova da moon that Sylvia Rhone finally stumped up a decent video budget - it's ya boy Grand Goocha!

Kid's harmonising on this shit might be the missing link between Jiggy and Wavy. In a perfect world, every song on 2000 would have featured his dulcet tones smoothing things out.


Ben Jones said...

Even though Puba's performance on One For All is his Magnum Opus both Reel to Reel and 2000 are very underrated albums.

Si Mane Price said...

This would be the perfect opportunity for me to link my Grand Puba deep cuts playlist.

d said...

I honestly prefer this album to Reel 2 Reel n I think its mostly just cos of this, the title track n A Little Of This(which also has Kid in the video)

Never noticed that was him on the hook. Id have loved an all smooved out Puba album from then w him singing all the hooks n a couple whole songs, hes good at being amped but hes kinda made for this shit.

d said...

Theres a lot of "what if"s w Puba

icebergsweater said...

Always did like this song
Can't say whether I like this or "I Like It" more

Si Mane Price said...

A Little Of This is like a glimpse of what woulda happened if Puba had signed to Uptown for his solo career.

d said...

Ah yeh I meant I Like It.

Andrew Barber said...

Kid was also in the "I Like It" video. Why the fuck was Kid in all the Puba videos? Still perplexed.

Si Mane Price said...

Musta been good pals or something because, according to Discogs, Kid's vox on this were the only thing he did after Kid N Play broke up.